Amazon S3, SFTP, grid storages

Data Avenue supports many common storage resources used traditionally (http,https,sftp) and in grid systems (gsiftp,srm,lfn,irods). Beyond those Amazon S3 (and compliant) storages can also be connected.

Swift (beta)

Data Avenue can now connect to Swift storages (available in OpenStack clouds), so moving data in- and out of Swift to S3, sftp, etc. has become possible. It is in beta version yet.

GSS (beta)

Data Avenue can connect to high performance computing (HPC) storages through CloudFlow Generic Storage Service (GSS) bridge component. For see: Holm, Havard Heitlo, Hjelmervik, Jon, and Gezer, Volkan: CloudFlow - An Infrastructure for Engineering Workflows in the Cloud, UBICOMM 2016 : The Tenth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies, 2016. 

Google drive (alfa)

To access Google Drive select procotol: google-drive. The URL field may contain any valid URL, e.g., (will be ignored). At giving credentials, you may leave Username field blank, as Password give the authorization code obtained by visiting Google oauth. (You have to log in to your Google account and grant Data Avenue application to access to your Drive).

Azure (planned)

We are planning to support to MS Azure cloud storages in the near future.